Friday, November 11, 2011

Rocket School

We got the word a while ago that the school district is going to let Jake stay in the preschool for the rest of the year. He has been going to two different preschools because we were not sure if he would get to stay with the school district. We were in there under a trial basis, so that the special-ed teacher (who we so love) and the speech therapist (who is nice) and the physical therapist (who is very good) could do more in-depth evaluations of Jake's abilities and difficulties.  It's a mixed-bag of emotions. It is hard to swallow seeing all of the things that your child is behind in- in black and white. Typed out like they will be there forever.
At the same time, we are grateful for specialists that recognize where he needs help and are genuinely trying to give him the help that he needs. Jake loves going to his “rocket” school, and doesn't mind working with the teachers and therapists to get the extra help. It's dad and mom who are trying to process it all. We struggle everyday to make the balance between not letting Jake off too easy, and pushing him to the point of failure. We will constantly be trying to find the balance there.
We are very grateful that Jake is able to stay at the district preschool. It is an answer to prayers. We feel like he is able to get more specialized help, and we are learning ways to better help Jake at home. Jake will still attend his "Zoo" school as well. He loves them both. The journey continues, but with a little more support! THANKS!