Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 2012

Here's a contradictory statement for you. 'I love ______ but I'm so glad we haven't seen her in such a long time.' You can probably only feel that way about good doctors. Maybe plumbers too.

We had an awesome spring with lots of fun and good things going on. Now it's June and we're making the rounds again to do testing and see Jake's doctors. A few weeks ago the Neurologist (who is wicked-smart and super-nice) said that things look good and that unless an EEG shows something unsettling, we will probably be able to begin taking Jake off his anti-seizure medication. We also had another MRI and the awesome Oncologist with the funny name said that the tumor on Jake's optic nerve appears unchanged and everything else looks good too. We'll do the EEG this coming week and see what we see. Fingers crossed. Update: I'm so slow at posting stuff- We did the EEG, Jake did really well for the person administering the EEG. We haven't got results yet, but will soon.

Jake has been having more headaches lately, he had three this week. But other than that, or in-spite of that, he's doing very well.

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Here's a quick run-down of what's going on with the us-ens.

Ride 'em, Cowgirl!
Alli is loving the time off from school. She has been doing swimming lessons for the last few weeks and will likely sprout gills soon. She loves being in the water and gets stronger and more confident at her swimming all the time. Alli works on art and craft projects almost everyday and she's good. She (all of a sudden) became great at riding a bicycle and she patrols our street regularly. She's cute and I like her.

Beats by Jake
Jake has also been doing swimming lessons. He dives in and goes around with a surprising lack of trepidation- a credit, I think, to his teacher. Jake loves having friends over to play at our house and he often uses that as his gauge of an awesome or an average day. “Jake, how was your day?”
 “Fun. I got to play with ____!” I didn't mention this before, mostly because it was completely overwhelming, but a handful of my friends at work chipped-in and bought Jake an iPad a few months ago. He uses it to practice his speech therapy and to practice spelling and math. Its also good for his small-muscle control. He also lets me play Angry Birds on it. Jake has met all the benchmarks for the transition from preschool to kindergarten and he's excited to start going to “Alli's school” in the fall.

Linny takes a turn in the washing machine.  (Not really)
Lindsey is growing up. She's getting more and more wordy. Her sentences are getting longer. She'll come up to me and tell me little jokes. “Dad, my mouth did make a big burp! Hahahah!” She gets a very serious face when she's telling us something and then when she notices that we are smiling at her because she's so freakin' cute, her serious face snaps into a smiley face and she laughs a little then goes skipping off like a blonde rock across a pond. She's very cute and very busy. She doesn't take an afternoon nap anymore and that has really increased her daily mileage.
Brookie doing what Brookie does best
Brooke is 15 months old and growing up very fast. She can walk all over, although she still wants to be carried around by Andrea almost all day. She likes to read books. She also likes to clear the books off the shelves. Hasn't shown much interest in re-stocking those shelves, but we'll get there. She likes to have little play-fights with me and will often waddle up to me and start slapping my leg. If I don't come down so she can slap my face she gets mad. It's kind of a catch-22 for me. She's pretty-much irresistible though and I kind of deserve to be slapped most the time anyways. So.

If we don't see you hardly ever, we miss you and we hope you are having a fun summer. If we do see you fairly often, we love you. And thanks! You're probably part of why we're having such a fun summer.   

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  1. Just getting around to reading your post. I love reading about how everyone is doing. Such a fun good family. We miss you and love you.