Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So long, 2012. You was awesome!

Well, 2012 is in the bag and what a year it was.  We’ve had camp-outs and reunions and parades and birthday parties and new cousins born and hikes and stay-cations and vacations.  
Snow day!
I don't know what to say about this but I love this girl.
 Alli has loved being in a gymnastic/ dance class this year.  She’s SUPER flexible really strong and she has done very well learning new moves.  She has been loving the first grade- learning lots and getting to be with her friends at school.  She has a great eye and continues to produce wonderful artwork and really cool craft projects.  She’s very thoughtful of her brother and sisters and does a lot to help each of them everyday.  She’s cute and funny and loves to always be doing.

Alli making a Porsche GT3 look even better
Danny the dog, who we get to hang out with sometimes.  Now with blue chalk!
Brooke bossing around a stuffed dog

 Jake has had another fantastic year.  He’s doing well in Kindergarten and loving it.  He loves building things with legos and rigging up strings and things for his Batman and Spider-man figures to climb and fly around on.  If Alli has an eye for ‘what is’ which is a wonderful gift which she applies in her drawings all the time, Jake has an eye for ‘what else’. He can take the most mundane thing and turn it into a habitat or a transporter for his action figures.  It’s fun to watch a person who sees so much more than a cardboard box when he looks at a cardboard box.  
Super hero birthday party!

'Cause why not
Uncle John, Jake and Grandpa Davis at the NF walk which was so much fun.
Jake was weaned from his anti-seizure med this summer and hasn’t had any seizures!  Somebody say “Hallelujah”!  A few weeks ago Jake had another MRI.  Then we did a mini-tour to talk to his doctors about the results.  The MRI write-up described a small tumor in his cheek but the oncologist couldn’t see it.  But last week when we were with Jake’s geneticist (how do we love thee, let us count the ways) he pulled up the images, found the spot and pointed it out to us.  Imagine a black-and-white kid holding a white pea between his cheek and his lower jaw.  The geneticist then pulled up Jake’s MRI frm six months earlier and there was the spot- which even the MRI tech had missed originally.  The spot of the tumor didn’t appear to have grown in size or brightness in the intervening time, so the geneticist said it was probably not to worry about.  So we’re doing that.  No really, we are.  Which, if you know ME very well, is a miracle.  Andrea is much more even of keel.   


Jim and Dad at Hemingway's grave site in Ketchum, ID. This was a fun trip.
Timponogos cave and cousins and cousins and cousins
Buckets o' fun
 Lindsey is cute as a button and switches back-and-forth quickly from silly to hillarious.  Her little voice adds to the hilarity of the funny things she says.  My personal favorite is the way she’ll come up to me ten times a day and say “I lllllove ya, Dad.”  She talks fast, so the other day when she said “YouKnowInPussInBootsWhereThere’sThatSillyCatAndHeSays ‘AwwwwwwwwWWWWWwwwww!’”  it put the whole family on the floor halfway through dinner.  Linny likes to dress herself.  She doesn’t see the sense in wearing matching socks and shoes though.  Which is fine, it just makes pairing-up the socks kinda tricky when we do the laundry.  The other day she wore a rubber boot on one foot and a sparkly ballet slipper on the other.  'Cause why not.  She is learning about letters and numbers and she loves to make up songs.

This is soooo Linny

Linny and the Hello Kitty Cupcakes for her Birthday party.
A Raspberry Linny-pop

Brooke is starting to get skinny, which makes me a little sad.  I will miss having a fat baby around the house to tickle.  Brooke is learning lots of words- it’s funny, though, she doesn’t really get the difference between ‘Dad’ and ‘Mom’- she uses them totally interchangeably.  Which is cute, but it would be nice at 4 a.m. for us to be able to say definitively, “she’s calling for YOU”.   Among her favorite words are ‘fun’ and ‘shoes’ and ‘apple’.  
Uncaptionable but undeniably cute
Part-time gig
Showing the lady bugs how cute gets done.
Autumn hike in Centerville.
Dam engineers
Halloween and cousins and cousins and cousins
Sledding with cousins
Cousin power
We're told this was like that when they got there.
Mmm hmm.
This has come to be known as 'The Altercation'
We saw Ariel at Disneyland
Gooofy, Goofier and Goofiest!
The mouse himself
So, 2012 has been a good one.  Here’s hoping that 13 is a lucky number for us and for you as well.  Happy New Year!

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  1. Jim, you guys sure know how to have a good time. I loved reading your update. Come visit us in GA we don't have snow shovels here.